Quilt Wait List Status

Once a quilt is completed you will receive communication from The Quilted Windmill. 
Current estimated wait time:
Edge to Edge Quilting-- We are working hard to keep it in the 4 week time period this is a busy time of year.  Let us know if your needs are sooner and we will do our best to accomidate
Custom Quilting-- by appt.

Finished and Ready for Pickup
REP**3270285 Pepper

Edge to Edge Quilting Waiting List:
                                                                 In  Date

REP**3295829 Sikkema                    3/29
REP**3295827 Sikkema                     3/29
REP**3295825 Sikkema                     3/29
REP**                  Sikkema                     3/29
REP**3295670 McNulty                     3/29
REP**3295667 McNulty                      3/29
REP**3295709 VandeLune                3/29
REP**3295602 Boender                     3/29
REP**3294806 Hugen                         3/28
REP**3281332 Cummings                  3/21
REP**3280373 Pudenz                        3/20
REP**3282902 Arkema                       3/23
REP**                  Boender                       3/22
REP**3278617 Peffers                           3/17
REP**3293079 VandeLune                 3/26
REP**3283548 Rowell                         3/23
REP**3278565 Hunsiker                 3/17
REP**3276346 Hugen                      3/14
REP**3281042 VanHaafter            3/13
REP**3275324White                         3/20
REP**3293801 Peffer                        3/27

REP**3275283 Lynall                         3/13
REP**3275270 Lynal                           3/13

Custom Wait List......

Update 4/2

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