Quilt Wait List Status

Once a quilt is completed you will receive communication from The Quilted Windmill. 
Current estimated wait time:
Edge to Edge Quilting-- 2 weeks
Custom Quilting-- by appt.
Please note our system has been updated and the work order number system has changed after #771

Finished and available for pickup
REP**3033552 Reeves
REP**3102431 Roff
REP**3048809 Boyd
REP**3048806 Boyd

Edge to Edge Quilting Waiting List:
REP**3047917 Bogaards
REP**3048825 Eggerling
REP**3048927 Pettit
REP**3101863 Mason-Binding
REP**3101866 Mason-Binding
REP**3103493 Peterson
REP**3103494 Peterson
REP**3110794 Schutte
REP**3107604 Borgman
REP**3110778 Bowers
REP**3111043 VanHaaften
REP**3111142 Westra
REP**3112592 Pudenz
REP**3113458 Stock
REP**3125309 O'Neil
REP**3125556 Baethke
REP**3125551 Baethke

Custom Quilt Waiting List:

REP**2878143 VanderMolen
REP**3016238 Bowers
REP**3034193 Boender
REP**3047707 Carlo
REP**3101691 Minteer
REP**3110784 Bowers

Last Updated 11/16/2017 3:30pm
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