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Longarm Quilting

The Quilted Windmill offers quality longarm services. The longarming staff has over 20 years experience and has brought their expertise to The Quilted Windmill. We offer meandering, edge to edge and custom quilting. We have hundreds of edge to edge patterns to enhance your quilt. We strive to complete your quilt in a timely manner. Wait times fluctuate with demand.  Contact The Quilted Windmill for next available appointment. 

Quilting Prices:                              
Minimum quilting fee                                           $50 per quilt
Economy (Simple Loops or Meander)              $ .0175/sq inch
Edge to Edge Pattern                                            $ .0225/sq inch
Custom                                                                     $ .035/sq inch
Heirloom                                                                 $ .04/sq inch
(Currently accepting new Custom/Heirloom
projects by appointment only)

Example: 80"x 90" quilt top-edge to edge pattern
80"x90"= 7,200 sq in x $.0225/sq in=$162.00

Additional Charges
Thread (solid color)                       $6.00 per quilt
Variegated Thread                         $8.00 per quilt
Seaming backing                            $10.00
Binding (prepare, apply                $.15/in (Max $50)
and machine sew on quilt)

Prices Effective 03/01/2020
The Quilted Windmill
PH: 641-628-3350
Address: 701 Franklin St. Pella, IA 50219