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Mrs. Miller's Apprentice

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Journey to the mid 19th century and read Mrs. Miller's diary, as she tells the story of meeting young Ellie who just moved into the neighboring farm with her widower farther.  When Ellie shows interest in learning to piece quilt blocks, Mrs Miller takes Ellie under her wing, and not only teaches her to piece, but helps her learn many other housekeeping skills she will need to know.  With Mrs. Miller's Apprentice, each month you'll join them in creating a beautiful variety of sampler blocks, and read diary entries telling the story of their growing friendship.  Even better, it's the perfect opportunity for you to share the gift of quilting with your own young protege. 

Indigo blue and light quilts were so very popular in the 19th century and are still a classic today.  The quilt features several gorgeous Indigo blue prints as well as many other shades of blue, and a blend of lovely light prints that make the sampler blocks sparkle!  It's Sure to be a treasured quilt in your collection.
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